Seamless Siding

Why Seamless Siding?

McDowell Exteriors specializes in the installation of seamless steel siding, which offers a number of advantages over aluminum and vinyl siding. Seamless siding doesn’t fade with time and UV exposure like vinyl siding, meaning not only that it looks better for longer, but you also have more colors to choose from. Because each piece of siding is cut to the exact specifications needed for each installation, there is very little waste, and since the waste is steel, it can be recycled, making seamless siding one of the most environmentally-friendly and responsible choices available.

Another benefit of seamless steel siding is the special coating it’s painted with, which reflects radiant heat and helps your home stay cooler and your utility bills lower. Seamless steel siding is the toughest siding option available. It’ll stand up to years of abuse from wind and weather far better than less durable alternatives, and it’s superior resistance to moisture issues also helps eliminate mold and mildew problems so common with other siding materials, making it a great long-term investment.

Perhaps best of all, seamless steel siding can be installed at any time in the year. Unlike vinyl, which can crack in the cold, steel siding can be worked with even in the bitterest of cold, so you never have to wait for the protection and beauty you deserve now.


Interested in Seamless steel siding installation?

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Before and After seamless siding. Click a picture to enlarge.

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